Paid Details

Conditions and Safeguards‎ requiring a Boston Fire Department Paid Detail

If the Boston Fire Department Permit states:

  • A “Paid Detail is Required” for issuance of the permit for an event or work to be performed.

  • Or if there is a life safety condition in the building such as a disabled fire alarm or sprinkler system and the district chief requires it as a condition of the building remaining occupied throughout the duration of inoperability to protect life and property.

How to schedule a Boston Fire Department Paid Detail

Only an authorized agent may schedule, change or cancel a paid detail.  ‎The paid detail office must be contacted ‎directly by the contractor holding this permit‎.‎


The permit holder must contact the Boston Fire Department Paid Detail Scheduling Office in order to schedule, change or cancel a paid detail at 617-343-2836 or 617-343-2838.


The preferred method is to fax the Boston Fire Department Paid Detail Scheduling Office using only the BFD Paid Detail Fax Form and faxing it to 617-343-2873.

Paid Detail Fax Form

In order to have sufficient time and staff to fill all requests for paid details:

  • All requests to order, cancel, or change detail, must be placed by fax or phone by 1300 hours (1:00pm) the regular business day (Monday - Friday non Suffolk County Holiday) the day before the detail is required

  • On Friday, all requests for Saturday, Sunday and Monday must be in by fax or phone by 1:00pm

  • 24 hour notice is required for the cancellation of all scheduled details. 

  • A 4 hour minimum will be charged if a detail is cancelled with less than the above mentioned  notice unless approved by the District Chief.

In the event that the detail office is closed, e‎.‎g‎. ‎weekends, nights, holidays, contact Fire Alarm at 617-343-2880 who will route you to the appropriate district office.


There is an additional 10% administrative fee for all equipment and services.


  • It is the contractor‎’‎s responsibility to obtain current rates and charges.‎‎

  • ‎There is a 4 ‎hour minimum requirement on all details.‎

  • Time and ‎a half will be billed for all details ‎over ‎8 ‎hours.‎

  • Double Time will be billed for details performed on all BFD Contractual Holidays.

All details must be paid for within 30 days of invoicing or existing permits will be subject to revocation or future permits will not be issued.

Location and Hours of Operation

Paid Detail Scheduling Office
115 Southampton Street – 3rd Floor
Monday – Friday 06:00 to 1800 pm (6:00 am to 6:00 pm | Closed Suffolk County Holidays)

Paid Detail Billing and Payroll Office
1010 Massachusetts Ave – 4th Floor
Monday – Friday 8:00am to 4:00 pm (Closed Suffolk County Holidays)

Latest Fire Prevention News

  • A new Comprehensive Model Fire Code (527 CMR 1.00) has been adopted by the Division of Fire Services and the State Fire Marshal's Office effective January 1, 2015 replacing the current 527 CMR.

    The new code adopts, in large part, the National Fire Prevention Association’s (NFPA) Model Fire Code (NFPA-1- 2012 Edition), with Massachusetts amendments. The new code should result in an improved, more comprehensive fire safety code, using consensus standards recognized throughout the nation. This new code will replace the current 527 CMR. More information can be obtained by visiting the Department of Fire Services website.

    527 CMR 1.00

  • New Ordinance Enacted in Boston

    Regulating the use and sale of outdoor cooking appliances, outdoor patio and space heaters, outdoor decorative appliances, and outdoor fireplaces. On July 30, 2014 the Boston City Council amended the Boston Fire Prevention Code by passing Article XXXIII of the Boston Fire Prevention Code.

    Article XXXIII of the Boston Fire Prevention Code

  • Think Safety First When Planning Your Barbecue

    BFD offers tips and advice on barbecue safety.

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  • Effective April 1, 2014 Boston has a Revised Upholstered Furniture, Molding Seating and Re-upholstered Furniture Policy

    Effective April 1, 2014 the Boston Fire Department shall modify its upholstered seating regulations to more closely align with the current state regulations: 527 CMR 29, "Upholstered Furniture, Molded Seating and Re-upholstered Furniture.  This change will effectively reduce the number of regulated use groups in the City of Boston.

    Although this modified policy closely follows the requirements of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Regulations, there are still some notable exceptions that shall be strictly enforced.  This policy is subject to modification at the discretion of the Boston Fire Marshal.

    More Chemist Information

  • Important gas safety information for residents of Hyde Park from NStar

    NSTAR Gas delivers natural gas safely and reliably to customers in the neighborhood of Hyde Park. We ask those residents especially to take a moment to review the following important gas safety information regarding pipeline operations and safety:

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  • New Requirements for Certain Lodging and Boarding Houses

    On December 5, 2012 the Boston City Council adopted MGL Chapter 148 Section 26H requiring owners of lodging and boarding houses renting to 6 or more unrelated tenants to sprinkler their properties by December 5, 2017.  (Click links below for more information.)

    City Ordinance Adopting MGL Chapter 148 Section 26H

    Letter from Fire Marshal regarding MGL Chapter 148 Section 26H

    MGL Chapter 148 Section 26H

  • Restricted Use of Propane (LPG) for "Hot Work"

    Effective January 1, 2013

    Restricted Use of Propane (LPG) for "Hot Work"

  • Commercial Hood and Exhaust Cleaners

    December 1, 2012  new guidelines from the Boston Fire Department that can affect commercial hood and exhaust cleaners registration 

    Guidelines for Loss of Registration for Hood Exhaust Cleaners and Inspectors

  • Sale or Transfer of Residential Dwellings

    As of August 1, 2012, realtors and sellers scheduling Certificate of Compliance inspections should be aware that under MGL Chapter 148 sec 26F residential dwellings built after 1975 or having 6 or more dwelling units are exempt from the requirements of 26F.....

    Certificate of Compliance changes

  • Candle Usage Guidelines, Definitions and Application for Candle Usage in a Place of Assembly

    Read the new Candle Guidelines that are in effect October 1, 2012. The Boston Fire Department requires that the use of candles in a Place of Assembly be permitted as defined in the attached document.

    Candle Usage Guidelines, Definitions and Application for Candle Usage in a Place of Assembly


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