EMS Headquarters

785 Albany St
Boston, MA 02118


Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Boston EMS Headquarters is located at 785 Albany Street, between Massachusetts Avenue and Northampton Street. Upon admittance, all visitors should proceed to 4th floor and utilize the wall phone to notify the appropriate department member of your arrival. For individuals visiting the building outside of business hours, the host will provide arrival instructions.

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Street parking is occasionally available. Alternatively, visitors can park in the Northampton Square Parking Garage located at 35 Northampton Street. Any visitor who parks in the garage may proceed to the lobby, on 4th floor of Boston EMS Headquarters (located in the Miranda Creamer building at the Albany Street side of the complex) to meet your host, unless otherwise instructed. The phone on the wall may be utilized to notify him or her of your arrival. Upon exiting the building, vistitors must pay parking fees through the machines located on the 4th floor just outside the South End Fitness Center in the Northampton Square Complex. Visitors can have their parking ticket validated by their host, reducing the parking fee to $5.

Please do not park in the CVS parking lot, as they tow regularly.

Wheelchair Access

Individuals who require a wheelchair accessible entrance may enter the building through any floor of the 35 Northampton Street Parking Garage. Upon arrival proceed to the Boston EMS Headquarters doors (located in the Miranda Creamer building at the Albany Street side of the complex) and take the elevators to the 4th floor to meet your host, unless otherwise instructed.


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