Poll Workers

The Boston Election Department recruits poll workers to help staff Boston's 255 precincts for all the upcoming elections.

Poll workers are paid to help the City of Boston's Election Department:

  • get voting locations ready for voters
  • hang and remove signs
  • count ballots
  • check in voters
  • record election activities
  • check handicap access
  • pack up election materials
  • check ballot counts at the end of the day

The City pays full day poll workers stipends starting at $135.

Important things to know before applying:

  • Applicants must registered to vote in Massachusetts.

  • Applicants must attend a 2 hour training session before an election.

  • All poll worker shifts are for one day only.

  • Full day shifts are from 6:00 AM - 9:00 PM.

  • Bilingual applicants are strongly encouraged to apply. The City specifically needs Spanish, Cape Verdean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Haitian Creole, Russian, Portuguese, and Somali speakers. Bilingual applicants do not need to be registered to vote in Massachusetts.

  • Poll workers must be professional and helpful. They must be respectful of the ethnic and cultural diversity of Boston's voters.