Greenovate Awards 150

2015 Greenovate Boston Awards

The Greenovate Boston Awards recognize outstanding achievement in sustainability among the Boston community. This year, the awards ceremony will be part of the second Greenovate Boston Community Summit, which will be held in late Spring. PLEASE NOTE: Application deadline has been extended until April 3, 2015.

The Greenovate Boston Awards, which are in their 9th year, recognize businesses, community organizations, and individuals who are helping Boston achieve its climate and sustainability goals. This year, applications are open to businesses and organizations, or you may nominate an individual. Applicants should focus on a recent project or practice that demonstrates leadership in climate action. Projects or practices should be closely tied to the citywide climate goals laid out in the 2014 Greenovate Boston Climate Action Plan

**Large buildings or institutions are also encourage to participate in the Mayor's Carbon Cup. The Mayor’s Carbon Cup, which launched in April 2014, showcased its inaugural participants that have each committed at least one million square feet of building space to a 35% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 2020.

MAYOR'S CARBON CUP Inaugural Participants

Past Winners

Find out more about the residents and businesses who have received the Mayor's Green Award for their sustainability efforts

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If you have questions about the Greenovate Boston Awards, please email: or call 617-635-3425.