Wind Turbine-Charlestown

Wind Energy

Boston is one of the windiest cities in the nation and the Office of Environmental and Energy Services is actively promoting the building of small and large scale wind turbines where feasible.

Wind Energy Zoning

The Boston Redevelopment Authority has established zoning regulations for the erection and operation of both ground-mounted and building-integrated wind energy facilities within the city. The zoning regulations provide standards for the placement, design, monitoring, modification and removal of wind energy facilities. The regulations streamline wind turbine installation, address public safety concerns, minimize impacts on scenic, natural and historic resources of the City of Boston, and provide adequate financial assurance for decommissioning. 
Article 88 Wind Energy Zoning

MWRA Wind Turbine Projects

MWRA Deer Island wind turbines

The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) has developed a series of wind projects around the Boston area.  Including a recently installed a 1.5 MW turbine at their Charlestown facility and two 190-foot, 600 kW turbines at Deer Island. These turbines will generate over 5 million kW hours per year. The energy generated will save MWRA ratepayers $600,000 a year in energy costs.
MWRA Wind Turbine Press Release
Deer Island Renewable Energy Projects

Logan Airport Wind Turbines

The Massachusetts Port Authority installed 20 roof-mounted wind turbines at Logan Airport's Office Center in May 2008. This fleet of 12-foot-tall wind turbines, each of which has a capacity of 1 kW, is allowing Logan to tap into the steady winds along Boston's waterfront.

  • Charlestown Wind Blade Testing Facility

    City Celebrates First in Nation Wind Blade Testing Facility

    The City of Boston celebrated the opening of Massachusetts’ Clean Energy Center’s (MassCEC) large-scale wind blade testing facility. Mayor Menino joined Governor Deval Patrick in welcoming state and federal officials to this unique facility based in Charlestown that will serve as a critical component in the wind energy industry, speeding deployment of the next generation of wind blades into the marketplace, and attracting companies to design, manufacture and test their blades in the United States. 

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  • Moon Island Simulation from Wollaston

    Moon Island Wind

    The City of Boston, by request of Quincy Mayor Thomas Koch, has withdrawn its application to install a wind turbine on Moon Island. The project, part of then-mayor Menino's commitment to addressing climate change and promoting community based clean energy, would have consisted of a single utility-scale wind turbine with a capacity of 1.5 to 2 megawatts, which, over a year, would generate enough clean energy to meet the annual needs of 750-1,000 average homes.

    (At left is a SIMULATION of the Moon Island Wind Turbine from the corner of Bayside Road and Brunswick Street in the Quincy neighborhood of Squantum)

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