Alternative Fuels

City of Boston Fleet and Bio-diesel Fuel

In September 2005, the City of Boston announced that all new vehicles purchased by the City of Boston will be alternative fuel vehicles or vehicles with similar fuel economy. Alternative fuel vehicles include hybrid-electric and CNG-powered vehicles. The City's vehicle fleet (over 450) switched from using conventional diesel to a belnd of ultra low sulfur diesel and bio-diesel.  This switch will cut tailpipe emissions by 15 percent.

Press Release: Mayor Menino Announces Energy Saving Measures
US EPA-Led "Great Boston Breathes Better" Press Release

Public School Bus Retrofit

Using $3.25 million from an EPA enforcement case settlement with a local power plant, Boston is retrofitting 500 school buses with the pollution control equipment and supplying them with ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel (ULSD). Once completed in 2006, Boston will be the first major city in the country to retrofit its entire school bud fleet. The project will reduce tail pipe emissions from the buses, primarily SO2, CO, and particulates by more than 90%. Additionally, there will be a slight reduction in CO2 emissions.

US EPA's Clean Schoool Bus USA Program
Boston Public Schools Saluted for Environmental Work

Trolley Tour buses

In 2005, the City of Boston and Environmental Protection Agency Region 1 oversaw the completion of a project which equipped Boston's diesel tourist trolleys with pollution control equipment, significantly lowering their emissions and resulting air pollution.

US EPA and City of Boston Celebrate Clean Diesel Trolleys

Clean Air Cabs Progam

Clean Air CABS are low-emission, alternative fuel vehicles approved by the Boston Police Department's Hackney Divison. Local taxi industry program participants are working to reduce impacts to our environment and public health.

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