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Building Management Program
Customer Service: 617-635-0102
Managers: Carl Hyman and William Epperson

The Building Management Program allows the City to address needed emergency repairs, such as boarding to prevent illegal entry, of City-owned properties acquired through tax foreclosure. Repairs are done to maintain the integrity of the structure and to maintain the habitability of occupied units or to address properties which pose a health or safety threat to the general public.

When a new property is acquired, staff:

  1. Conduct an initial inspection.
  2. Complete a property report/profile, recommend use.
  3. Make recommendation for preservation, disposition or demolition.
  • If vacant, clean and secure
  • If occupied, assess conditions, set rent, perform needed repairs and relocate tenants if necessary


The Demolition Program demolishes city-owned tax foreclosed and privately owned properties which pose a threat to the health and safety of the general public and which are vacant and uninhabitable, and rehabilitation of the property is not economically feasible.

Environmental Abatement Program

The Environmental Abatement Program performs testing and abatement of environmental hazards such as hazardous waste on City-owned, tax-foreclosed buildings and land, in order to protect the public health and safety.

Project Pride

Project Pride combats illegal activity on City-owned and privately owned abandoned properties by boarding and securing drug-related buildings city-wide and cleaning and fencing vacant lots primarily in designated drug control areas.

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