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Using the search feature To locate specific properties, you can search the database in several ways.
  • First, decide how you want to search (by street, by neighborhood, or by parcel number).
  • Second, type in the information you are looking for. You will probably only need to type in the first few letters. Clicking on neighborhood and typing Roxb, for instance, will bring up the first Roxbury record(s). (Note: if you type in a street name or neighborhood name and nothing happens when you Run the query, it means that there are no city-owned properties currently available on that street or in that neighborhood.) To produce a complete list, simply press Run Query without entering any specifications in the form.
  • Third, you can narrow your search by using one or more of the drop down lists to specify "Current Use," "Occupancy Type," or "Property Type."
  • Fourth, press "Run Query".
  • Fifth, if the property you seek does not appear in the list shown on the screen, check the bottom of the page. If there are more properties that fit the search description you have chosen, you will see numbers indicating additional pages. Simply click on each number to view that page of properties.

EXAMPLE: If you are looking for property on Blue Hill Avenue, you can type in Blue Hill or even Blue and press Run Query and the list of available properties on Blue Hill Ave will appear.

You can also search the use category by selecting one of the following designations from the drop down menu.

  • Residential one-family

  • Residential two-family

  • Residential three-family

  • Residential four-nine family

  • Residential - more than 9 units

  • Residential Condominium

  • Nursing Home

  • Residential/Commercial

  • Residential Garage

  • Commercial

  • Commercial Condo

  • Industrial

  • Surplus Building

>>>>  Using the lists

There are three Property Type lists: ALL Properties; LAND, which will shows properties without buildings; and BUILDINGS, which lists properties that include buildings. You will find links to these lists on this page as well as on the Intro page, and on the Inventory pages.

(Note: Because the inventory contains well over 1,000 records, the lists may take some time to load.)

>>>> Definitions of terms used in the database

Unassigned  =  available property which is not currently in a community planning process and has not been advertised for sale.

Community Review  = property that is or will soon be part of a community process for redevelopment and has not yet been advertised.

Advertised = property that has been advertised and/or is currently available for sale.  A list of currently available advertised properties can be found at the Requests for Proposals Property Disposition page.

Neighborhoods listed in the database are taken from the official tax foreclosure notice.

>>>>  Printing Data from the Inventory

You can print out the inventory a page at a time. Once you have run your query, simply Select File and Print from your browser menu (or use the Printer icon) to print the current page. To print additional pages, click on the page numbers that appear at the bottom of the screen, and print again.

If you'd like to print out information only on certain properties (for instance, Roxbury properties), simply highlight those properties, go to File, Print, and click on SELECTION, then hit okay. Only text you've selected will print out.

Note: The list of properties contained herein does not represent the total inventory of buildings and land owned by the Department of Neighborhood Development.  The properties provided are only those that are potentially suitable for development.  Other properties, such as wetlands, open space, or those suitable for sale as small abutter lots are not included on this list.  For information about any city property not contained on this list, or for more information about any properties found on this site, please call the Property Clearinghouse at 635-4191.


The information provided on this site represents the best information in the possession of the Department of Neighborhood Development. We make no representation as to the accuracy of any information contained herein, except that on the date of the last update, the property appeared to be owned by the City of Boston, based upon information received from the Assessing Department, Tax Title Division of the City Law Department, and the Land Court for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Properties on the list are subject to redemption by the former owners, title issues and other potential problems. Properties on the list may also require zoning variances for any new construction.

In addition, the sale of any properties on this list is subject to the provisions of Mass. General Laws, Chapter 30B, which governs the disposition of public property. Community process will also be required for any proposed development project.

The Department of Neighborhood Development shall not be responsible for any loss, harm, or other consequences to any person or party who takes possession of this list and uses it as a basis for any actions, decisions or plans - financial or otherwise. Use, including but not limited to copying, printing and reproduction of this information shall be deemed to be knowledge and acceptance of these conditions and disclaimers.

City of Boston - Thomas M. Menino, Mayor

Rosa Talero, Acting Deputy Director
Division of Real Estate Management & Sales

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