On October 9, 2014, Mayor Martin J. Walsh released Housing a Changing City: Boston 2030, the administration's housing plan. By the year 2030, Boston will reach more than 700,000 residents, a number the city has not seen since the 1950's.

Boston 2030 is the City's strategy to responsibly plan for that growth. By creating housing across demographics and neighborhoods, the City will help ensure that growth and prosperity reaches every corner of Boston.

To accomplish this goal, the City is going to help create 53,000 new units of housing at a variety of income levels across the city:

  • 44,000 units of housing for the workforce
  • 5,000 units of housing for our senior citizens
  • 4,000 units to stabilize the market and bring rents and housing prices under control.

Please read the plan to find out how the City will accomplish these goals and to find out how you can help. Individual chapters of the plan can be downloaded using the links below.

For more information about housing programs, visit the Department of Neighborhood Development website.