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Affordable Housing Production:

The Neighborhood Housing Development Division provides loans to not-for-profit and for-profit developers to create new housing units for low, moderate and middle-income households through new construction, rehabilitation or adaptive re-use of vacant buildings.  The funded developments will provide affordable rental or ownership opportunities to income qualified households.  The program consists of several components: 

(1) Funding Requests for Proposals:               
Christine O’Keefe - (617) 635-0351

 Funding RFPs to solicit worthy multifamily rental, mixed use and cooperative developments or Turnkey homeownership developments that would be eligible for funding under the criteria outlined in the RFP and align with identified housing needs of the City of Boston.  Funding decisions are made in conjunction with the States consolidated funding round for HOME, HSF, HIF, LIHTC, and other resources that assist with the development of affordable housing for families, individuals, the elderly,  homeless or other targeted populations.  Through these RFPS DND makes federal and local funds available to these developments in the form of a loan with terms that help the development achieve long term affordability and stability.  With an award of funds from DND, the developer is expected to leverage other private and public resources to help fund their development.  Rental developments with 10 units or more, must set-aside at least 10% percentage of units for the homeless households and ownership developments must adhere to DND's policies on household size, owner occupancy and long term affordability.  Developers are encouraged to contact NHD in the early phases of project development.    

(2) Housing for Homeless, ELI households and Elders:     
Beverly Estes-Smargaissi - (617) 635-0362

Multi-family rental housing that seeks to provide permanent housing units and stabilization services, where all of the units will be targeted to the homeless households, extremely low income tenants or the elderly.   Although these developments may seek funding under a Funding RFP, they may also be considered for funding outside of the competitive funding round process.    

(3) Land and Funding opportunities:
John Feuerbach - (617) 635-0353
 DND utilizes City owned land as a resource to help to create new housing opportunities and will provide access to federal and local funds as part of the same Request for Proposal.  Appropriate housing sites are selected and NHD works with communities to devise development guidelines for affordable and mixed income developments.  This may include affordable ownership for moderate and middle income households and affordable rental opportunities for tenants that have a wide range of incomes.   NHD then solicits proposals from qualified developers through a Request for Proposal that includes the land and funding in one package.  Selected developers are expected to seek other public and private resources to help fund the development and continue to work with the community as the proposal is finalized and developed.  And proposals are expected to meet all of DND’s housing policies.

Affordable Housing Preservation:

(1) Housing Preservation and Restructuring:
Beverly Estes-Smargaissi - (617) 635-0362
The Neighborhood Housing Development Division provides loans to not-for-profit and for-profit developers seeking to acquire or acquire and rehab existing occupied housing developments to prevent displacement and the loss of affordable housing opportunities for low, moderate and middle-income households.  

Developer must submit funding requests through a competitive Funding RFP.  Projects will be selected for funding based on a risk assessment and need.  All developments will be expected to comply with the 10% Homeless Set-aside policy, which may be implemented over time through unit turnover.   Developments are expected to maximize other private and public resources and seek assistance under the State's consolidated funding rounds for HOME, HSF, HIF, CIPF, LIHTC, etcetera.

For developments that have previously received City of Boston funding that are seeking assistance with refinancing or recapitalization, developers must follow the Multi-family Housing Refinancing policies and procedures.  

Grassroots and Open Space Development:
Jay Lee - (617) 635-0207

This program supports the development of community gardens.  The program provides grant funds, city-owned land, and technical assistance to neighborhood groups and non-profits that want to organize, develop, own, manage, and maintain community gardens and open space in the low and moderate income neighborhoods. 

Typically, projects are funded in two phases.  Requests for Proposals are issued offering land and funding that will assist with the creation of community garden space that will provide low and moderate income residents in the area with the opportunity to establish gardens and grow healthy food for families and the community.  NHD will make a tenantive designation and award of funds to the selected development entity and work with them to finalize their proposal.  Once finalized DND will make a commitment of funds and convey the property so that the construction may begin.  Sites are selected through consultation with the local residents and stakeholders and it is required the land be restricted to open space uses with the resulting garden under stable ownership with long term maintenance plans.  No CDBG funds are used for on-going maintenance at these properties. When available, NHD may support capital improvements or renovations of existing community gardens with an award of funds.  

(CHDO) Operating Support:
Christine O’Keefe - (617) 635-0351

This program provides HOME funds to help pay for the operating expenses of certified Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDO) that are engaged in the development and preservation of HOME-eligible housing in their communities.  Funds are awarded under a competitive funding rounds in 2-year cycles and are performance based. Organizations must be certified annually and must comply with the regulatory requirements of the HUD HOME CHDO Program.

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