Safety Guidelines

As a result of the tragedy in Rhode Island the City created The Safety Guidelines. The Guidelines were put together to ensure that not only are all licensed premises in the City safe but all staff is adequately trained to manage an emergency should one arise on the premise. The Guidelines can be used as a tool for developing a more comprehensive fire safety plan for the licensed premises. You can view and download the Safety Guidelines and the Safety Plan Checklist below.

Dear Licensee:

I want to thank you for continuing to work with the City's Licensing and Public Safety Officials as we go forward in sustaining the highest safety standards for nightclubs and restaurants throughout the City. I believe that awareness and information are critical to protecting public safety in licensed premises.

The City of Boston created these Safety Guidelines to help you ensure that your premises are not only safe, but that your staff is adequately trained to manage an emergency, should one arise. As we all know, preparation is the key to coping with emergencies. These guidelines can help you and your staff to prepare for any type of emergency/evacuation of the premises. I encourage you to familiarize yourself and your staff with the guidelines and use them as a tool for developing a more comprehensive fire safety plan for your premises.

I appreciate the valuable contributions that you make to the cultural and social fabric of this City. I also recognize the urgency of taking proactive steps to ensure the safety of patrons who enjoy all of what Boston has to offer. As a responsible business owner, every licensee in the City is obligated to address safety matters. Let us continue to work together to keep the focus on the safety of patrons. If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact Patricia Malone, Director of the City's Office of Consumer Affairs and Licensing at 617-635-4165.


Mayor Thomas M. Menino


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