Safety Guidelines

As a result of the tragedy in Rhode Island the City created The Safety Guidelines. The Guidelines were put together to ensure that not only are all licensed premises in the City safe but all staff is adequately trained to manage an emergency should one arise on the premise. The Guidelines can be used as a tool for developing a more comprehensive fire safety plan for the licensed premises. You can view and download the Safety Guidelines and the Safety Plan Checklist below.


  • Update to Live Entertainment Hearing Requests

    All live entertainment hearing requests may be scheduled after Boston Licensing Board hearings, while license application is pending at the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission (ABCC). In the interest of public efficiency, establishments should, if possible, be able to pick up both their liquor and entertainment licenses at the same time.

    Also, we welcome any suggestions from licensees regarding how we may better serve our public. It is our intention to make your experience with the Entertainment Division one that is pleasant, professional and courteous. Welcome to Boston! Christine A. Pulgini, Esq. Executive Director

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