Office of Cable Communications

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Monitors cable television franchises with both Comcast and RCN-BecoComm

  • Reports and mediates consumer issues regarding cable television service & performance & rates and construction

  • Rrograms Boston Kids & Family TV in cooperation with WGBH on Comcast Channel 22 & RCN's Channel 3 

  • Produces and programs "Boston City TV," the City's shared education and city public affairs service on Comcast Channel 24 & RCN Channel 13

  • Funds and collaborates with the Boston Community Access & Programming Foundation, (BNN-TV) which programs community access television on Comcast Channels 9 & 23 and RCN's Channels 15 & 99

  • Certifies eligible telecommunications providers to do business with the city of Boston under the city's Office of Telecommunications policy

  • Works with the City's ROW and Permitting agencies to ensure proper protections for city streets and public ways.

If you have a complaint about your cable service, bill and picture quality, you can contact the Office of Cable Communications to help resolve the issue, tel. 617-635-3112.