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With a strong economy, safe streets and a diverse workforce, Boston is poised for continued success in fostering new enterprise throughout the city. Increasingly, companies are discovering new market opportunities in urban neighborhoods where density of purchasing power, investment in new infrastructure and access to employees form a framework for growth.

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  • View CORI-Friendly Companies Working with the City

    The following vendors have certified compliance with the City of Boston’s CORI friendly hiring practices and have City of Boston contracts over $5,000. The City of Boston does not guarantee employment availability at any of the vendors listed.

    View Vendor List

  • Renew Boston Solar Permitting Guide

    The City of Boston Solar Permitting Guide serves as a resource for building owners and solar installers. 

    Solar Permitting Guide Updated, September 2011

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  • American Legion Playground Opening
    Mayor Walsh celebrates the opening of the American Legion Park in East Boston.Watch Video »
  • Game of the Week: BNBL - Girls 18 & Under Lady Bengals vs. Tynan
    We head to the Tynan Commnunity Center in South Boston, for a matchup in the BNBL Girls 18 & Under division, as the Lady Bengals take on the Tynan, Watch Video »
  • About Health with Jeanne Blake: Treating Depression with ECT
    Of the millions of Americans suffering from major depression, one in five don't respond to anti-depressant medication. For some of these patients ECT - electroconvulsive therapy - is considered a lifesaving treatment. On About Health TV, Jeanne Blake discusses ECT with Kitty Dukakis, the former First Lady of Massachusetts and Dr. Steve Seiner, the Medical Director of McLean Hospitals' Psychiatric Neurotherapeutics Program, which includes Electroconvulsive Therapy. She and Dr. Seiner discuss the stigma that surrounds ECT and mental health and how ECT can transform and save lives. On the program Jeanne also talks with Bob Stewart, who had undergone ECT, and his wife Carolyn, about the impact of depression on families. Watch Video »

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