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BCYF’s network of 29 community centers, including 17 pools and 1 beach, offer a wide range of diverse facility characteristics that are as unique as the neighborhoods they serve.

Looking for a rock climbing wall, computer lab, Zumba studio, teen center, indoor track, boxing gym, meeting space, swimming pool, or recording studio? Each of these can be found at one or more of our BCYF community centers. This is why over 60,000 Boston residents visit our centers each year.

We invite you to start exploring the BCYF Community Center network today!

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BCYF Blackstone Community Center*
BCYF Charlestown Community Center*
BCYF Cleveland Community Center
BCYF Clougherty Pool*
BCYF Condon Community Center*
BCYF Curley Community Center
BCYF Curtis Hall Community Center*
BCYF Draper Pool*
BCYF Flaherty Pool*
BCYF Gallivan Community Center
BCYF Golden Age Center
BCYF Grove Hall Community Center
BCYF Hennigan Community Center*
BCYF Holland Community Center*
BCYF Hyde Park Community Center
BCYF Jackson/Mann Community Center
BCYF Leahy-Holloran Community Center*
BCYF Mason Pool*
BCYF Menino Community Center
BCYF Mildred Avenue Community Center*
BCYF Mirabella Pool*
BCYF Nazzaro Community Center
BCYF Ohrenberger Community Center
BCYF Paris Street Community Center and Pool*
BCYF Perkins Community Center*
BCYF Pino Community Center
BCYF Quincy Community Center*
BCYF Recreation Center at Madison Park
BCYF Roche Community Center
BCYF Roslindale Community Center
BCYF Shelburne Community Center
BCYF Tobin Community Center
BCYF Tynan Community Center
BCYF Vine Street Community Center
*Denotes site with a pool

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