Boston About Results (BAR)

Boston About Results (BAR) is the City’s performance management program that uses performance measurement and data analytics to develop strategies and programs that evaluate city performance, reduce costs, and ultimately deliver better services to Boston’s residents, businesses, and visitors.

Our collection of scorecards outline the goals of the program but most importantly provide a wealth of information that afford the public insight into the services the City provides along with a snapshot of our performance.

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  • New Boston Redevelopment Authority Scorecard

    The Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) is now sharing metrics about development in Boston, including the total value of projects under construction, construction jobs created, and square footage of development under construction.

    Boston Redevelopment Authority Scorecard

  • New Interactive Basic City Services Scorecard

    Want to know how long it takes the City to fix a pothole or how many requests for graffiti removal are received each month? Find out now through our new basic city services scorecard.

    Highlighted are the top requests received each month along with the City’s performance at delivering these services. Check back often, as we will continue to add additional service requests.

    See Our New Scorecards

  • Expanded Access to City Departments’ Financial Data

    Easily link to and discover departments’ expenditure data through the Links tab on each of the public scorecards.

    Powered by the City’s Open Checkbook application, the interactive dashboard allows users to visualize and interact easily with the City’s financial data.

    Browse the Open Checkbook