Dependent Contractors


Date: February 19, 2009

To: Cabinet Chiefs and Department Heads

From: Sally D. Glora, City Auditor

CC: Lisa Calise Signori, Chief of A&F and Collector-Treasurer Contract Managers

Re: Employment Contracts/Hiring Retirees

In June of 2008, the Mayor issued an Executive Order providing that all prospective employment contracts, whether dependent or independent, regardless of funding source be reviewed by the Personnel Review Committee prior to any verbal or written agreement with the proposed contractor.

In conjunction with this Executive Order, a Pension Disclosure Form Calculation for Retirees Employed Worksheet was issued to be completed by ALL individual contractors (dependent or independent) and ANY City of Boston hire/rehire who indicated on their application for employment that they have at any time participated in OR is receiving a Massachusetts (M.G.L. Chapter 32) pension.

Effective immediately, all Departments (excluding Boston Public Schools) shall implement the procedure as outlined to ensure that the Personnel Review Committee has granted approval prior to awarding employment contracts and to ensure that both individual contractors and persons hired/rehired are identified as having participated in OR as currently receiving a Massachusetts Pension.

Procedures and Forms