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Tax Deferral for Elderly

Are you 65 or older and having trouble paying your property tax bills? There's a way to defer your taxes and remain in your home. The Tax Deferral program may be considered when a taxpayer's current expenses make the continued ownership of their home difficult. A 4% interest charge is applied to the deferred taxes.

Tax Deferral

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What are the requirements for Tax Deferral?
How long can I defer my taxes?
When must the deferred taxes be repaid?
When/where do I file?
I started deferring my taxes prior to fiscal year 2008, and was paying at an 8% interest rate. How can I get the new 4% interest rate?
If enrolled in the deferral program, can I still receive other exemptions (i.e. elderly, veterans, blind, residential, etc.)?
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