Assessing Forms

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Boat Excise Tax Abatement
Boat Mooring Permit Application
Exempt Organizations
FY 2016 Statutory Exemption Information Requisition
FY 2016 Preliminary Consideration Information Requisition Application
Form 3ABC
Personal Exemption (Blind, Elderly, Surviving Spouse, Veteran, etc)
FY 2016 Application for Personal Exemption
Personal Property
Fiscal Year 2016 Application for Personal Property Abatement
Change of Personal Property Tax Bill Mailing Address
Motor Vehicle Excise Tax
Motor Vehicle Excise Tax Abatement
Real Estate (Residential, Commercial etc.)
FY 2016 Application for Real Estate Tax Abatement
FY 2016 Application for Residential Exemption
Change of Property Tax Bill Mailing Address
Real Estate Parcel Consolidation
Real Estate Property Record Card
FY 2016 38D Property Tax Return (Form RC – Residential / Commercial) NEW
FY 2017 38D Property Tax Return (Office)
FY 2017 38D Property Tax Return (New Construction)