Boat Excise Tax/ Mooring Permit

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Boat Valuation
How is the valuation of boats determined?
Boat Excise Tax Bill
I have not paid my 2015 excise tax bill. How can I pay my bill?
What happens if I do not pay my boat excise tax bill?
I did not get a bill. How can I get a bill sent to me so that I can apply for a mooring permit?
I paid my boat excise tax bill in XYZ town. Why I am receiving a bill from Boston?
How do you determine who gets billed?
Boat Mooring Permit
Boat Mooring Docking Compliance Law/ Ordinance
How do you make sure that everyone who moors a boat in Boston pays excise tax?
What happens if I moor my boat without a permit?
I need to apply for a mooring permit. What do I do?
This is my first time mooring my boat in Boston. How do I get a mooring permit?
I just purchased my boat. How do I get a mooring permit?
Who should I contact if I have other questions?