Payment-in-Lieu-of-Tax (PILOT) Contributions

The City began collecting payment-in-lieu-of-tax (PILOT) contributions from tax-exempt institutions many years ago in an attempt to relieve the strain on residential and commercial taxpayers by diversifying the City's revenue stream. The contributing institutions provide the City with funds to help offset a portion of the cost of providing them with essential City services (i.e. police protection, fire protection, snow removal, etc). Today, institutions continue to make annual PILOT payments according to provisions in their agreement(s) with the City.

The following reports are available in Adobe.PDF format:

Fiscal Year 2011 PILOT Contributions

Fiscal Year 2010 PILOT Contributions

Fiscal Year 2009 PILOT Contributions

Fiscal Year 2008 PILOT Contributions

Fiscal Year 2007 PILOT Contributions