Get Involved with the City Archaeology Program!

There are many ways to get involved with the City Archaeology Program and interact with a lab. Make sure to review requirements for available positions, and contact the City Archaeologist with requests for more information.
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  • Visit (200)


    Visiting the City Archaeology Lab is a great opportunity to see firsthand how archaeology is done and get a closer view some of our collections. Due to the fact that the lab is a very active scientific research facility, visits are by appointment only.

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  • Volunteer (200)


    Volunteers are the backbone of the City Archaeology Program, and can help anywhere from a single day to numerous days on a regular schedule. This is the most open form of involvement and we welcome volunteers of all ages.

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  • Research (200)


    We welcome researchers, especially graduate students looking for Master's thesis or PhD topics, to join the City Archaeology team. There are plenty of opportunities in a variety of research areas. City Archaeologist Joe Bagley will directly discuss possible topics and qualifications. All professional researchers, including CRM archaeologists and other professionals (writers, professors, etc.), are encouraged to send correspondence directly to the City Archaeologist.

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