Benefits of Spaying/Neutering Your Pet

Break the cycle & don't contribute to the huge feral pet population!

There are a variety of low-cost spay/neuter locations in Boston.
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Unfortunately, there are not enough loving pet owners for the thousands of animals in need of homes. Here is what may happen if you do not spay/neuter your pet:

  • You will add to the FATAL PET EXPLOSION! Shelters throughout the world are overflowing with unwanted animals. This could be reduced and even eliminated if more people took on the responsibility of spaying/neutering their pets. Unwanted pets are often thrown into the streets where they reproduce into the thousands within a few years. This is the cause of the overwhelming feral cat problem in the United States.

  • Your pet may stray looking for a mate: Many dogs will even jump a fenceĀ and walk into traffic where they may cause an accident or get hit by a moving vehicle.

  • Your pet may get serious medical problems: Spaying/neutering your pet lowers her/his risk of suffering from such dreadful diseases as cancer.

  • Your male cat may spray: This awful odor is produced by unneutered cats. They do this to mark their territory and they will do this whether or not there are other animals in the house. This odor is very strong and difficult to remove. Cats may start spraying as early as several months of age. A simple and safe surgery of neutering your cat will avoid this annoying and smelly problem. Females in heat may also spray. Castration of males is very effective in stopping spraying.

  • Your female cat or dog may leave stains on furniture, clothes, and carpets: During their heat cycles, female dogs and cats experience a flow of blood that may leave stains on your property. Females go in heat twice a year. During this time she goes through hormonal changes that may cause a change in her personality.

  • You will have to fight off suitors: Leaving a female dog that is in heat in your fenced in yard may not protect her from intact male dogs that are in the area. Males are more likely to roam and escape their yard if they sense a female in heat nearby. The male will make an extra effort to break into the yard to get near the female. The females are also more likely to roam in search of a male. Unless you want uninvited guests, straying pets, and unwanted litters, you should get your female spayed.

  • You will have to care for, spend money on, and find homes for as many as 12-15 puppies or kittens: That's a lot isn't it? They may be adorable and precious but you will be responsible for many things. Puppies and kittens should be left with their mother for at least 6-8 weeks in orderĀ to allow their immune systems to develop so that they can be grow up to be healthier adults. Cleaning up after 12 or so kittens and puppies can be a messy job. Within several weeks you should buy special puppy or kitten food that will provide them with proper nutrition. If mom does not care for her babies properly, then it is up to you to feed them special milk replacement every couple of hours. When they are about 6 weeks old you should also take them to a veterinarian to be checked out and start their series of shots. You will also have to find responsible owners for them - don't just give them to the first person that wants them. You should make sure that the new owner will assume responsibility for the life of an animal that may live 10-20 years. They will need to provide them with proper shelter, food, and love that he/she needs. Do you have the time, energy, and money to do all of this?

  • Chances that the female will have mammary tumors increases greatly.

What about letting her have just one litter?

That one litter can add up to hundreds or thousands of puppies or kittens in just a few years! We are not exaggerating. Do you know that many people that are looking to adopt a pet? If you do then send them to the shelters.

There is no truth to the myth that your male dog or cat will become a "sissy".

Your dog/cat will not lose their "macho" status as a result of being neutered. If anything, they will live longer lives with your family because they will be less likely to roam the streets. They will also be less likely to claim dominance over your family members. Neutered males are also less likely to get testicular cancer.