We see this one all too many times: animals who can barely walk because they are weak from lack of nutrition and water. These animals whose skeletons seem to almost pierce through their skin gobble down their food as if it's their last meal. Their skin droops off their bones due to dehydration. Surprisingly, many of these animals maintain their affection towards people. What a terrible way to live and die. Animal Control has picked up too many of these victims: alive and dead. Some victims are found dead still chained up in their own back yard.

Starvation is not just caused by a lack of food and water, but by improper food, untreated disease, and parasites (like worms) - all conditions that can be controlled with proper treatment and care.

Nothing But Ribs & Bones

These are just some of the many malnourished and extremely thin animals we find almost daily.


starving dog