Massive Matting

Not grooming a dog, cat or rabbit, especially longhaired ones, leads to massive matting that causes terrible pain and sores. These sores can get infected and maggot-infested. What a terrible way to live.

What a disgrace! This picture looks exaggerated, but it is what he really looked like when he was found. Matty was a good dog gone bad because of his condition. Matty tried to be nice but probably because of his discomfort, did not allow anyone to go near him. His coat probably weighed more than his body. The owner never came looking for Matty. He would have never been returned to the owner if they had come forward.


Although not as severely matted as Matty, Benji who is also a Lhasa Apso, had to be shaved completely. Benji obviously felt much more comfortable after he had been shaved. He was later adopted by a new family that promised to groom him routinely.

benji after

This cocker spaniel is another example of massive matting. As you can see, he looks much happier after his haircut!

cocker after

Think twice if you see an animal that is neglected in this manner. This is indeed a form of abuse and something should be done about it immediately. An Animal Control Officer should be contacted. The animal may need to be removed from the owner.