About the Department of Innovation and Technology

The Department of Innovation & Technology engages, empowers, and improves life for citizens and partners through technology.

Core Infrastructure

Technology infrastructure is essential to the delivery of government services. In the 21st-century, the “technology stack” -- devices, connectivity, servers, and software -- is as essential to government operation as electricity and roads.

Tools for Government

City departments demand better tools and technologies, and we must deliver in the same way that we serve our external constituents - by relentlessly focusing on the needs of our ‘consumers’ in City Hall. This empowers the City’s workforce to deliver great outcomes for citizens, instead of struggling against outdated process.

Digital Engagement and Service Delivery

Consumer expectations have shifted as digital technology has transformed the world around us. Government must meet these changing expectations by delivering great service through digital channels. Digital communication technology offers up new channels for citizen engagement and participant in government.

Data and Analytics

Data-driven management helps us to focus time and dollars where they have the biggest citizen impact, improve public accountability and transparency, and measure our progress against broader goals and initiatives.

Broadband and Digital Equity

Boston must be a city where all residents and businesses have access to affordable, high-speed broadband, and the opportunity to develop digital readiness (connectivity, skills, and equipment). A more connected city is a more equal city, a more innovative city, and more prosperous city.