About the Department of Innovation and Technology

Formerly the MIS (Management of Information Services) Department.

Mission Statement

The Department of Innovation and Technology is the City of Boston’s enterprise wide technology services organization which provides solutions that empower our business partners across all City departments.  DoIT’s primary day-to-day responsibility is to ensure that the networks, desktop computers, e-mail systems, and applications that support the business of City government are continuously available and operating effectively. DoIT embraces its responsibility to help manage costs through difficult financial times by continuously improving the cost structure of the City’s technology without compromising service. Our commitment to being environmentally responsible is often synergistic with these economic and service responsibilities.

FY12 Performance Strategies

  • To deliver services adhering to performance standards.
  • To expand eGovernment services.
  • To increase workforce access, knowledge and skills in the utilization of technology.
  • To provide for the public good by advancing development and access to new technologies and information.