Core Beliefs

The Women's Workforce Council holds the following core beliefs:

Equity is a competitive advantage.

Communities that invest in all their human capital are better positioned to attract jobs and investment. Employers who respect, value and engage all employees are better able to attract and retain talent. 

Women are one of the Region's greatest assets.

In fact, in Boston, women make up more than half the residents and half the workforce. Boston is also home to the best educated female population in the nation and has a greater proportion of young women than any other city.

When women thrive, communities thrive.

When women are empowered to achieve their full potential, families are healthier, communities are more vibrant, and employers are able to find and retain the talent they need to excel.

The gender wage gap is about more than a difference in pay.

The wage gap signals that more can be done, in both the public and private sectors, to unleash the talent of all women – regardless of race, ethnicity, education or age.

Employer commitment is essential to closing the gap.

Employer interventions are among the most effective remedies to the wage gap and contribute to enduring, positive change that benefits all employees.

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BOSTON: Closing the Wage Gap examines the existing gender wage gap in the City of Boston and offers thirty-three interventions employers can implement to reduce it.

Boston: Closing the Wage Gap
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