Citizens Connect

Citizens Connect is the City of Boston's award-winning effort to empower residents to be the City's "eyes and ears." Now you can alert the City of Boston to neighborhood issues such as potholes, damaged signs, and graffiti.

Citizens Connect for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Communities:

Citizens Connect 3.0

The City of Boston was given approval by the Commonwealth of MA to extend our current investment of the Citizens Connect mobile application to additional communities within the State. Commonwealth Connect will empower municipal departments to improve their customer service delivery. It will enrich municipal collaboration and communication by forwarding a service request to the appropriate municipality.

We will make existing and proposed work order systems of participating municipalities compliant with the Open 311 standard. By adopting this standard, a wide variety of existing and potential mobile app developers can more quickly and inexpensively implement a mobile app for interested municipalities.

Engaged citizens make neighborhoods and municipalities strong. They can serve as the eyes and ears for government, helping us find and respond to the basics of community quality of life. Boston’s Citizens Connect mobile app has demonstrated a powerful ability to channel the public’s requests into improved results.

Citizens Connect App
Community Innovation Challenge Grant Program

Category Based Online Services Menu

Our category based online services menu integrates all online transactions with the City, including: Service Requests, Payments, Forms, Permits and Applications. Organizing the 300+ online transactions by category makes it easier for users to find what they’re looking for. Since its introduction, the page has become the 4th most popular on our website.

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Mobile App

The Citizens Connect Mobile App enables residents and visitors to send issues and problems (such as potholes, street lighting) directly from their iPhone or Andriod devices to city departments for resolution. To date, 14,000+ Boston residents have downloaded the Citizens Connect application available for free at the Apple iTunes store. Key features include the ability to attach a photo, capture system-generated GIS coordinates, edit GIS coordinates to improve accuracy and follow the service request with end-to-end tracking because the system is fully integrated with the back-end work order management system. 

In response to the iPhone App, one user commented:

“Bravo! I love this app. It makes reporting troubles very easy, and  reports get resolved in a timely fashion.”

More Information About Citizens Connect iPhone App
Phone + GPS + Camera= Revolution - Governing Better, Faster, Cheaper
Send Photo, Get Action – Boston Globe

Citizens Connect iPhone App

Constituent Relationship & Work Order Management

In October of 2008, we implemented a new Constituent Relationship & Work Order Management system to administer requests for service from constituents, create work orders for City agencies, and track progress through completion.  This system has increased service quality, accuracy, timeliness, and accountability. New online forms are designed to collect all of the necessary information related to a request, which reduces the need for follow-up questions. Once received, the requests are immediately assigned to the responsible department so that they can address the issue faster. Prior to this, service delivery departments had no idea how many calls were received.  With the new system – they knew exactly how many requests they received, and how long it took to address them. The new forms have resulted in fewer phone calls and more web requests  - in the past six months, the percentage of total requests that were submitted via the website has grown from 9% to 20%.

Computer System Quickens City Response to Complaints – Boston Globe

GIS Data Hub

Launched in August 2009, the GIS Data Hub provides a resource for both City employees and residents to access maps, reports and charts using geographic data layers.  Constituents can use the Data Hub to see what service issues neighbors have reported in their community.

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