Guidelines for Installation of Traffic Data Collection Devices

Effective April 10, 2007
In order to monitor the placement of traffic data collection devices throughout the City of Boston from a public safety perspective, the following guidelines must be strictly followed by any agency or company involved in the placement of such devices. Any exceptions to the above guidelines must be approved in advance by the Boston Transportation Department.

  • All four sides and the top of the device (five surface in all) shall be clearly marked with the name and 24 hour telephone number of the company that owns and placed the device. Size of print must be sufficient to be read from a remote location.

  • Seven days in advance of the placement of the devices, a printed list must be furnished to the following City of Boston officials, said list to contain approximate locations, color, sample of the identifying lettering on each device, other useful identifying information, dates that each device will be in place :
  1. Commissioner of Boston Transportation (Thomas Tinlin), Room 721, Boston City Hall, 02201
  2. Director of Engineering (John DeBenedictis), BTD, Room 721, Boston City Hall, 02201
  3. Manager of the Traffic Management Center (Don Burgess), BTD, Room 701, Boston City Hall, 02201
  4. Manager of Street Sweeping and Snow Plowing (Joe Canavan), PWD, 400 Frontage Road, 02118
  5. Manager of Mayor's 24 Hour Service (Janine Coppola), Room 816A, Boston City Hall