Commercial Vehicle Regulations

Any vehicle registered for commercial purposes, bearing commercial vehicle number plates, including trailer or semi-trailer, and designed and used primarily for the transportation or delivery of goods, wares, merchandise or equipment, or designed and used for the delivery of utility services or for field services related to maintenance/repair of buildings.

The vehicle must display permanently painted or sealed/adhered and plainly marked on both sides of the vehicle's body, exclusive of the windows, and on at least three separate lines, the name of the business entity owning or utilizing the vehicle, the full business address, and the telephone number. The name of the business entity must be displayed in letters or numbers a minimum of three (3") inches in height and the full business address and telephone number must be displayed in letters or numbers a minimum of two (2") inches in height. The business entity may substitute its e-mail address or its web site address for the full business address provided that at least three separate lines are used to display the required information. All lettering and numbers shall have a stroke width of at least three-eighths (3/8") of an inch and shall be in a color clearly contrasting with the background color of the vehicle's body and shall be placed on the upper portion of the door panels or the body panels of the vehicle.