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Boston's Citywide Transportation Plan
Parking In Boston

The report sets the framework for off-street parking policy by inventorying existing parking supply and identifying district-by-district trends for Boston, including the impact of new development projects. Parking in Boston describes existing Air Pollution Control Commission and zoning regulations that control off-street parking. The report's Action Plan includes a detailed chart of parking-ratio goals for each of Boston's neighborhoods and districts. New development review guidelines are also recommended.

On-street parking is primarily addressed by policy that optimizes the use of curb space among competing users: residents, deliveries, visitors, shoppers and employees. The ongoing corridor improvement program is discussed. Specific strategies to enhance the vitality of neighborhood business districts and to make the resident permit-parking program more effective are also discussed and recommended.

Parking In Boston full report (7.93mb, PDF).
Off-Street Parking Density

Employment Density

Parking Rates in Boston Proper

Parking Freeze and Restricted Parking Area

Municipal Parking Lots

Resident Permit Parking Program Locations

Auto Ownership Per Household in Boston

Auto Ownership Per Square Mile in Boston

Executive Summary (31.7kb)

Summary of Action Plans (22.7kb)

Introduction (547.4kb)
Economic Growth and Parking
The Role of Non-Auto Alternatives
Competition for Parking
Approaches in Other U.S. Cities
BTD Roles and Responsibilities
Advocacy for Alternative Modes
Public Process

Off-Street Parking Inventory (1.84mb)
1997/98 Off-Street Parking Inventory
2000- 2001 Off-Street Parking Trends by Neighborhood

Parking Districts (1.10mb)
Parking Freeze Districts
Action Plan
District Based Parking Goals

Development Review (586.1kb)
Public and Private Sector
Article 80 Development Review Process
Action Plan

Parking Management on Major Corridors (950.8kb)
Impacts of Double Parking
Parking Management Regulations
Corridor Improvement Program
Action Plan

Neighborhood Business Districts (1.17mb)
Transportation Issues
Impacts of Long-Term Parking
Off-Street Parking Lots
Action Plan

Resident Parking (661.6kb)
The Use of Resident Permit Parking
Auto Ownership Levels
Parking Demand on RPP Streets
Demand Reduction Approaches
Action Plan

Funding and Implementation (328.2kb)
Funding Strategies
Implementation Plan

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