Abandoned / Impounded Vehicles

In 1987, the City of Boston filed legislation to authorize the Boston Transportation Department to establish and collect penalties for the abandonment of motor vehicles in the City of Boston. The purpose of this initiative was to minimize the abandonment of vehicles in Boston's neighborhoods. In 1988, the legislation was approved by the MA Legislature and the Governor.


The penalty for a first offense is $250.00 and each subsequent offense is $500.00. Four (4) or more offenses results in revocation of an owner's license to operate motor vehicles, or when appropriate, the license or permit to operate business for one (1) year. Additionally, the owner is responsible for costs incurred by the City of Boston for the removal and disposal of the vehicle (i.e., towing, storage and disposal fees).

Payment and Retrieval of Abandoned Vehicles

Motor Vehicle Auctions

Motor vehicles are auctioned at the City's Tow Lot:

BTD Tow Lot
200 Frontage Road
Boston, MA
Directions to the Tow Lot

Vehicles must be paid for in full by CASH ONLY at the office at the time of the sale. No other forms of payment will be accepted. NO DEPOSITS.

More Information on Vehicle Auctions

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