Preparing for Winter

Take advantage of available resources to stay safe and warm this winter season.

 Cold Weather Safety Tips

Boston's public safety agencies have compiled a list of safety tips for residents regarding personal safety and home safety. Make sure your family stays safe and warm this winter. 
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 Driving Tips

Please take extra caution when driving in snowy conditions.
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 Heating Resources

The City of Boston is here to help you with home heating information and resources..
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 Protecting Your Roof

During significant snowfall periods, there is always a risk of potential roof collapses and damage. Please try to remove snow and ice as soon as possible to mitigate the potential for damage.
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  • Snow Notifications

    Sign up to receive email, voice and text message notifications for snow emergencies, parking bans, and school cancellations.

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  • Snow Emergency Parking Regulations

    Drivers should be aware of parking regulations that are strictly enforced whenever a Snow Emergency is declared in Boston during the winter season.

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