Snow Removal from Sidewalks

The City of Boston wants property owners to be aware of regulations regarding snow removal from sidewalks after a snow storm.

*Code Enforcement will begin issuing tickets
AFTER the Snow Emergency Ban has been lifted.*

Emergency Information on Removing Snow from Roofing

The Law

City Regulations on snow removal can be found in the Boston Code of Ordinances, 16-12.16.


Snow Removal Tips

  • Remove snow, slush, and ice from sidewalks and curb ramps abutting your property within 3 hours of snowfall ending (or 3 hours from sunrise if snow falls overnight) as required by law. Violators will be fined (see fines below).

  • Remove snow, slush, and ice from the full paved width of the sidewalk and curb ramp or a minimum path of 42 inches wide. Narrow paths encumber carriages and wheelchairs, and properly cleared pathways ensure flow and safety of pedestrian traffic.

  • Remove ice to bare pavement or make as level as possible and treat with sand, sawdust or similar material.

  • Please clear any snow that may be blocking a handicapped ramp, fire hydrant or catch basin.

  • Shovel or plow snow into the street: Violators caught shoveling snow from private property into the street will be fined.

  • Overexert while shoveling: Excessive strain from the cold and hard labor may cause heart attacks. Please help out elderly or vulnerable neighbors.

  • Leave snow or ice on stairways or fire escapes. All common means of egress must be clear.




Type of
Failure to Remove
From Sidewalk
Removal of Snow/Ice From Private Property to Street or Sidewalk
More Than
One Cubic Yard
One Cubic Yard
or Less
Commercial Property$200*$200*$150*
Residential Property
With More Than
16 Units
Residential Property
With 16
or Fewer Units

* Each day that a violation exists is considered a separate and distinct violation.