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    The State's pension calculator will give members of the Massachusetts Employees' State Retirement System in groups 1, 2 or 4 an approximation of their retirement benefits. These estimates are for members hired before April 2, 2012 the date pension reform took effect.

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Retirement Options

You must choose from one of the three following options for your retirement:

Option AProvides a member with a retirement allowance in monthly payments as long as he/she lives. All payments will cease upon the member’s death and no benefits will be provided to the member’s survivors.

Option BProvides a member with a lifetime allowance which is approximately 3% to 5% less per month than the allowance payable under Option A. The annuity portion of a member’s allowance is reduced to allow a potential benefit for his/her beneficiary or beneficiaries. Upon the member’s death, his/her surviving beneficiary or beneficiaries of record, or if there are no beneficiaries living, the person or persons appearing in the judgment of the Board to be entitled thereto, will be paid the unexpended balance of the member’s accumulated total deductions, if any, from the annuity reserve account in one lump sum. Under Option B, a member may designate any person(s), or rtrity or institution as his/her beneficiary or beneficiaries. A member may, at any time after retirement, change his/her Option B beneficiary designation.

Option CAlso known as the joint and last survivor allowance. Option C provides a member with a lifetime allowance that is approximately 20% less than those received under Option A or Option B. Upon the death of the member, his/her designated beneficiary will be paid an allowance for the remainder of his or her lifetime. That allowance will be equal to two-thirds of the allowance which was being paid to the member at the time of death. Only one beneficiary may be named under Option C. The eligible beneficiaries are limited to a member’s spouse, the member’s former spouse (provided he or she has not remarried at the time of being designated as the Option C beneficiary), the member’s child, parent, or sibling.  After a member’s retirement has become effective, the Option C beneficiary designation cannot be changed.

You may not change your option selection for any reason after retirement.

Retirement Groups

View the Group-specific Retirement Charts to get a general idea of your retirement allowance percentage, based on your salary, age, and years of service.

Group 1

Members include elected officials and general employees comprising clerical, administrative and technical workers, laborers, mechanics, and all others not otherwise classified.

Group 1 Retirement Percentage Chart

Group 2

Limited and includes certain employees with hazardous occupations, such as licensed electricians, police & fire signal repair personnel and some corrections officers.

Group 2 Retirement Percentage Chart

Group 3Only applies to State Police and is not applicable to SBRS membership.

Group 4

Consists of police officers, EMTs, firefighters, certain correction officers, some linemen, electrical switch operators and certain boiler operators.

Group 4 Retirement Percentage Chart

Retirement Chart


Retirement Benefit Formula Example

Under Option A, a Group 1 employee who is 65 years of age with 30 years of creditable service and who's consecutive high three-year average earnings are $50,000.00 calculates as follows:

2.5 x 30 = 75
0.75 x $50,000.00 = $37,500.00 yearly benefit / $3,125.00 monthly benefit