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Vital Records
Access Policy for Massachusetts Vital Records
Birth - Certificates
I have custody of my grandchild. How do I get their birth certificate?
I legally changed my name in court. How do I change my birth certificate to that name?
I was adopted. How can I get a copy of my birth certificate?
Birth – Records
Birth Records of a Person Born Out-of-Wedlock
Name Changes & Additions
What if I want to add the father’s name to a birth certificate, change/add a first name, or correct information on a Boston birth, marriage, or death certificate?
How can I legally change my name in court?
I legally changed my name in court. How do I change my birth certificate to that name?
Marriage - Intentions and Licenses
The first step towards getting married is to file a Marriage Intention to obtain a Marriage License. Couples must follow these instructions:
What other information do we need to know to complete the Marriage Intention?
What if either party is under 18?
What if I do not have a Social Security Number?
My prior marriage was annulled. Do I have to provide anything?
How much does a Marriage License cost?
How do I apply for a marriage license?
Do we have to be Boston residents in order to apply in Boston?
Can I get married in Boston or another city or town in Massachusetts?
Marriage - Special Conditions
What if we want to get married and one of the parties is in the Armed Services and not in Massachusetts?
What if special conditions exist ie: hospitalization, incarceration, medical conditions that prevent one of the parties from applying in person?
Marriage - When Can I Get Married?
When can I get my license?
Is there a Waiver for the three day waiting period?
What do we do after the three-day waiting period has passed?
How long after issuance is the license valid?
How long after my divorce can I get married?
Marriage - Ceremony
What do I do with the license?
Who can perform the marriage ceremony?
Can we get married in City Hall?
Marriage - Copy of License
When can I get a Certified Copy of my Marriage License once I am married?
Marriage - Records
Marriage Records of a Person Born Out-of-Wedlock
Marriage - Name Change
Now that I am married how do I change my name on legal documents?
Divorce Records
Where do I find my Divorce Papers?
What is the Secretary of State Apostilles and Certifications of Documents?
How do I register or terminate a Domestic Partnership in Boston?

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