Birth Certificates

The Registry has birth records for any person born at a Boston hospital or residence, or any person whose parents listed Boston as their residence at the time of birth (with some exceptions).

Information Needed to Request Birth Certificates

  • You must know if the parents of the person on the certificate were married at the time of birth.

  • Only those persons whose names are on the birth certificate may apply for the record if the parents were not married at the time of birth. Those persons must provide a valid picture ID (driver’s license, State ID or Passport).
Recent Births

A record is available approximately two weeks from the time the parent(s) completed paperwork at the hospital for recent births.

Apply For & Obtain a Birth Certificate

In-Person (25)IN PERSON

Visit our office & complete a 'Request for Birth Certificate' at the counter.

Directions to City Hall


Truck Icon (25)Visit the City Hall to Go Truck in Your Neighborhood. Birth certificates will then be mailed. 
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By Mail (25)BY MAIL

Fill out, sign & mail in a complete Request Form - Birth Certificate.

Request Form - Birth Certificate


Send a letter with the following information:

  • Child's name at birth

  • Date of birth

  • Parent(s) names, including maiden name

  • Hospital or place of birth

  • # of copies requested

  • Check or money order

  • Name/Address/Telephone # of Requestor

  • Requestor's relationship to person listed on record

  • Photo-copy of requestor's Govt ID (driver's license, state ID or passport)

  • Self-addressed postage-paid business size envelope (no returns by Fedex or UPS)

Time of Birth

Please note not all records show the time of birth.

To request time of birth ONLY, please complete the Birth Certificate Request Form & check the box titled "Time of Birth Only." Include $10 research fee with your self-addressed postage paid envelope. Make check or money order payable to the City of Boston.

Request Form - Birth Certificate
Frequently Asked Questions

Records Outside Boston

For births, marriages, or deaths that occurred in another Massachusetts city or town, you can contact that local community or the Massachusetts State Office of Vital Records. The Massachusetts State Archives has records from 1841-1925. The Massachusetts Registry of Vital Records has records from 1926 to present.

MA Archives 
MA Registry of Vital Records

Office Information

  • Hours of Operation

    Monday9AM - 4PM
    Tuesday9AM - 4PM
    Wednesday 9AM - 4PM
    Thursday9AM - 4PM
    Friday9AM - 4PM

  • Address

    Registry Division
    1 City Hall Square, Rm 213
    Boston, MA 02201-2006

  • Certified Copy Requests By Mail

    Requests by mail take approximately 2 weeks to process. Pre-1870 records requiring research will take additional time.

Fees & Payments

  • Certified Copy Fees

    In Person: $12 per request
    By Mail: $14 per request
    Time of Birth ONLY: $10 research charge

    *Records prior to 1870: Additional $10 research charge

  • Payment Options

    In Person: Cash, check (with ID), money order, credit or debit card.
    By Mail: Check or money order.

    Please make check or money order payable to the City of Boston.

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