Guidelines for Disposing of Trash and Recycling in the South End

The below guidelines are in effect as of July 1, 2013.

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Pick Up Schedule

Trash is collected on Tuesday and Friday unless delayed by City holidays. Recycling is collected ONLY on Tuesday.

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All trash and recycling must be placed in front of your property or at the rear of your property in the alley no earlier than 5:00 PM (unless located within the Placement Pilot Program area, which is 9:00 PM) on the day before collection or no later than 7:00 AM on collection day.

Do not place any trash or recycling at the corner of your street. Please do not put anything in the tree pits as it compacts the soil and reduces water absorption.


All trash and recycling must be properly secured in order to prevent items from being blown around by the wind and littering the neighborhood. Secured means using plastic bags no larger than 32 gallons and tying them securely or using a container with a lid.

Trash: Use any color bags except clear.

Recycling: Use only clear bags. Do not use grocery store paper bags, flimsy plastic bags, shopping bags, cardboard boxes, etc.

If inappropriate bags are used, Code Enforcement may ticket you.

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Blue Bins

Contents must not overflow the brim of blue bins. If there is excess content, simply line the bin with a clear plastic bag. Instead of using the bin, consider using a larger recycling container lined with a clear plastic bag. Do not place any loose items (e.g. pizza boxes) on top of the bin.

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New owners and renters may not know how to prepare trash and recycling so please share these simple rules. If you see neighbors acting irresponsibly, remind them that abiding by these rules will ensure a cleaner neighborhood even if they disagree with current policies.

Trash Scavengers

It is illegal and difficult to issue fines to trash scavengers. Scavengers kick trash bags to hear the sound or metal or glass. If they hear metal or glass, they rip open the bag to search for returnable bottles and cans, often strewing trash on the street. Placing all recyclables in clear plastic bags reduces this problem.

Code Enforcement Police

The Code Enforcement Police (CEP) circulate throughout the South End every Tuesday beginning at 7:00 AM and a smaller force on Friday. Since Spring 2013 hundreds of tickets have been issued and the CEP are now specifically targeting repeat offenders.

Building owners are ultimately responsible to the City and the Housing Court for all violations. If you have renters, be sure to share this information in your rental contract.

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Reporting Violations

Report violations with 311.

Appeals & Payments of Violations

If you have received a violation from the CEP, you may submit a written appeal or request a hearing in writing within 21 days.

More Information on Appeals and Payments
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