trash bag and can

Trash Regulations

Set trash out neatly at the curb by 7am on your trash day(s) or after 5pm the night before. Remember to separate trash from recycling on the curb.

Recycling and trash guidelines

Acceptable Containers

trash barrel


  • Made of metal or durable plastic
  • Lid required
  • No larger than 32 gallons in capacity
  • When full, no heavier than 50 pounds
  • All garbage must be contained in tied trash bags  

black trash bag


  • Trash bags
  • Made of 0.9 mil thick plastic
  • 32 gallons or less
  • Setting trash out for pickup in grocery store bags, paper bags, cartons, or boxes is not acceptable.


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Acceptable Items for Regular Trash
Acceptable Items Needing Special Pickup
Unacceptable Items for Regular Trash
Unacceptable Items for Regular Trash, but Acceptable by Other Means


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