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Recycling in Large Buildings

The City of Boston's Public Works Department provides free weekly recycling services to residents in large apartment buildings and condominiums. Buildings with 7 or more units are considered large buildings.

How You Can Participate

To obtain recycling services for your building:

  • Residents need to have their landlords, property managers or condo trustees call 311 to place a large building recycling program request.
  • The City's recycling coordinator will work with the manager to customize a program for the building.
  • The building manager must then purchase recycling receptacles known as carts. Carts range in size from 32 to 68 gallons and cost less than $75.
  • Mixed paper, bottles, cans, and plastic containers can all be placed together in the carts.
  • The building manager then distributes written notification to the tenants about their new recycling program. Building managers will be provided with information for recycling and stickers for the carts.

Commercial Business Recycling

Commercial businesses interested in recycling should contact their trash haulers. Trash haulers operating in Boston are required to provide recycling services as well.  Learn more about commercial recycling opportunities.  

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Recycling Information & Materials for Building Managers

Recycling Information & Materials for Building Managers (Spanish)


  • Large Buildings Are Required to Provide Recycling Services

    City Council "Ordinance Regarding Access to City Recycling Programs for Large Residential Buidlings" passed and implemented as of January 2003.


  • Daytime Street Cleaning

    The neighborhood daytime street sweeping program resumes on April 1st (see exceptions). Residents are invited to register for No Tow™ email reminders of when the street that they regularly park on is scheduled for cleaning.

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