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Composting is the controlled decomposition of organic material. You can compost in your own backyard or even inside your apartment. Outdoor compost bins are available to residents at subsidized rates.

Bins & Buckets for Sale

Available for purchase at the Boston Building Resources, 100 Terrace Street, Mission Hill, 617-442-2262, Extension 1.

Compost Bin $58 (nearly half the suggested retail price)
You can fill a compost bin with 12 bags of leaves. Bin size is adjustable. Within a year, your yard waste  composts into 200 lbs of highly nutritious dirt.

Kitchen Scrap Bucket $10
Kitchen scrap bucket has a handle and lid and holds 7 liters. It's a clean and convenient way to collect food scraps for your compost bin.

Community Composting in Your Neighborhood

Project Oscar is Boston’s first 24-hour community compost program. Named after the Sesame Street character, the Oscar compost bins provide members of the community with a place to drop off food waste and participate in an environmentally-friendly form of waste disposal. 

Learn More About Project Oscar

Build Your Own Compost Bin

You can build your own compost bin using welded wire fencing.

Instructions for Building Your Own Compost Bin

Indoor Composting

No backyard? No problem. Here is information about several methods of composting indoors.

Vermi-Composting One Bin Method
Vermi-Composting Two Bin Method
Stealth Composting


Composting FAQ's

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How To
How do I make compost?
How do I use compost?
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What is composting?
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What You Should Compost?
What are elements of a good compost pile?


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