Telephone Booth Permit

For the placement of a telephone/telephone booth in, on, or over the public way in the City of Boston.

Approval of licenses for the operation of a business within the public ways in Boston falls under the jurisdiction of both the Public Works Department and the Boston Police Department. Issuance of said license is the responsibility of the Public Works Department.

Requirements for obtaining a license to place a telephone in, on, or over the public ways in the City of Boston are as follows:
  1. Written approval of the property owner of record where the telephone is attached, whether free standing or projecting from the structure.

  2. Written approval of the ground floor tenant where the telephone is attached whether free standing or projecting from the structure.

  3. Photograph of the proposed location and telephone to be used.

  4. A map clearly detailing (1) all street furniture (e.g.) light poles, mailboxes, trees, hydrants, control boxes, etc..... (2) width of sidewalk, and (3) abutting businesses within 300' either side of the proposed location of the phone.

  5. An indemnification agreement signed by the owner of the phone as well as all parties with a vested business interest in said phone such as the property owner, other phone companies, etc.....

  6. A letter dated no more than one month preceding submission of your application, from the DPU, stating that your company is in compliance with their regulations with no complaints pending for unfavorable business practices.

  7. Copies of permits obtained from the Inspectional Services Department for electrical wiring and attachment to a structure.

** Should it be determined that false or misleading information was submitted on this application in order to obtain a license with this Department, said license will be immediately revoked.