Sidewalk Cafe License



11-6.3 Use of Public Ways

The Commissioner shall have the jurisdiction vested by statute in the Board of Street Commissioners in relation to the planting and removal of trees in the public ways and to the use of public ways for any temporary obstruction or projection in, under or over the same; but such jurisdiction shall only be exercised with the written approval of the Mayor in each instance. The Commissioner shall also have the powers and perform the duties conferred or imposed by statute on the Board of Street Commissioners in relation to the use of parts of public ways for the storage and sale of merchandise.  When establishing rules or regulations for the dates of temporary license periods for the use of public space for sidewalk cafes, the Commissioner shall make licenses available year- round.  However, nothing herein shall be construed to prevent the Commissioner from imposing additional requirements on year-round licenses.

(Ord. 1954 c. 2 § 46; Rev. Ord. 1961 c. 21 § 3; CBC 1975 Ord. T11 § 152; Ord. 2009 c. 3)