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Utility Repair Tag Pavement Markers

In Spring 2011, the Public Works Department initiated a new policy for patching procedures that requires all utility companies, private contractors, city contractors, and other agencies who perform excavation work on the City's roadways or sidewalks to install a color coded identification marker into the surface of their asphalt patches.

The use of Utility Repair Tag pavement markers

  • ensures accountability of each and every patch left after construction,
  • saves the City time and resources through fast identification of patch creators,
  • and provides an incentive for permittees to do the best possible job.

When a sidewalk is repaired, tags are only placed on temporary asphalt patches. Permanent sidewalk repairs (concrete, brick, etc) do not require a tag.  

Each tag is UV stable plastic and contains letters and numbers that relate to its user. The diagram below explains the meaning of the letter and number sequences found on the face of each marker.

Utility Repair Tag Diagram (440)

Public Works assigned each permittee's Utility Repair Tag a unique color.

Utility Repair Tag Key (440)

Due to the number of private contractors working in the City of Boston, the Public Works Department assigned each private contractor a unique code along with their customer ID number to be imprinted on their green marker.

ID #Permittee NameUtility Tag #
007229Walsh Corp1
051661Sean Farrell Excavation Co2
000393Bond Brothers Inc3
046080Keash Excavating Inc4
005925J Derenzo Co5
058940Atlantic Drain Service Inc6
002942Larosa Landscaping Corp7
050938JRF Corp8
007327Corbett Excavations9
006373LVMJ Corp.10
040273Brooksdale Construction11
025808Metro Equipment Corp12
045146Fred DeRoma & Sons13
006316K & K Excavation Co15
007211A Vozzella & Sons16
005949C J Doherty, Inc17
052203Atlantic Excavation and Utility Corp18
006683Welch Corp.19
045316A. Ferrara Constr Corp20
006070Flett,James W Co21
007265AA Will Corp22
002696Cavalieri Construction23
002873J F White Contracting Co24
091648LM Heavy Civil Construction, LLC25
002686Tri Construction Co26
006040Feeney Bros Excv27
005854Paul J Crowley Constr Co28
028622Daddieco Constr Co29
027729Tascon Corporation30
007062A Suffolk Engineering31
028310Commonwealth Excavation Inc32
053044Waterworks Sewer Service33
046482Mahoney,P F34
006669New Hampshire Boring35
006911Roto-Rooter Serv Co36
090034East Coast Pipeline & Excavating37
015061McCabe,Joseph P. Inc38
002669McCourt Construction Co39
008272Alga Paving Corporation40
069451J J Construction dba Jerry Giugliano41
090670RJ Cincotta Co. Inc.42
006958M J Scully Co43
005578Boston Drain Co44
081052BPB Construction, Inc.45
081117Advanced Water & Sewer46
007315Camdele Construction Co Inc47
005887D'Allessandro Corp48
059560MIA Construction Equipment Corp.49
023996Wes Construction Corp50
005742Ciampa Constr51
008270McComiskey Excavating52
072740Murphy & Fahey Construction Co Inc53
048352E B Rotondi & Sons, Inc.54
046875Geologic Earth Exploration Inc55
007361J Joyce Excavating Inc56
006127Geosearch Inc57
006511Mathias Corporation58
005694Carr-Dee Corp59
066813Demolition Joe60
007053Strada Constr Co61
008815Construction Unlimited62
007306B & T And Sons63
009099W.L. French Excavating Corp65
079991Trillennium Services, Inc66
002636G Greene Construction67
002590Suffolk Construction68
043956F E French Construction Co. Inc.69
071149Fleming Brothers inc.70
060321Aqualine Utility, Inc.71
015117Ruggeri,Michael A.72
073042CCG Communications, LLC73
007250James J Welch, Co74
028766CEI Boston, LLC75
005958Dowling Corp76
007084T J Blume & Sons77
006545Mclaughlin Bros Contr Corp78
005724Charles Contracting, Co79
007389Mirra Company Inc80
006694Northern Contracting Corp81
006013Environic Solutions82
028096Landmark Utility & Site Excavation Corp.83
006520McCarron,Thomas Co Inc84
053862Oliveira Construction Inc85
002601Payton Construction Corp86
000384Shawmut Design & Construction87
009826Coleman Utilities88
075647Mattuchio Construction Company, Inc.89
013165Susi,Mario & Son90
006715T G O'Connor Contracting Co91
095091R.M. Pacella92
000388Turner Construction Co93
037880Union Construction Inc94
093252C. Naughton Corp95
006123Geo Logic Earth Exploration, Inc.96
009875GVW Inc97
006479J Marchese & Sons98
086580Mr. Drain100
011724R F Roach Co.101
061205Trainor Construction102
005548Bligh Construction103
026870Ferrara Construction Corp104
053443G A Donovan / Management Consulting Corp105
002914GTI Properties106
062917Sweet Meadow Inc107
027936C R C Co Inc108

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