Supplier Support

If you need assistance with the City of Boston Procurement Page or the Supplier Portal, please email the support team at or call 617-635-4564. 

Support Hours: Monday – Friday, 9AM to 5PM EST

If you have questions related to specifics of an Event, review the Event Details for contact information.

Purchasing Department Computer Stations

To aid vendors with the transition to an online sourcing and contract system, a vendor computer station has been setup in the Purchasing Department in Room 808 of Boston City Hall. Two computers will be available in a private area for vendors to enter their bid information.  Please note that the computers may only be used for entering bid information.
Directions to Boston City Hall

Bid Openings with the Online System

All bids submitted, whether a manual paper bid or an online bid submission, must meet the time requirements.  At the time of the bid opening, the City of Boston Event Coordinator will analyze the bids submitted online.  If paper bids have been submitted by any bidder or vendor, the Event Coordinator may choose to enter these bids online at the close of the event or may compare the online bids and paper bids side-by-side.  Bidders will still be invited to attend bid openings in the respective department to watch the online bid analysis.