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Open Space Plan 2002-2006: Renewing the Legacy ... Fulfilling the Vision
Contents of Open Space Plan 2002-2006

Maps are provided below, after appendix 6

  • Part 1: Pre-Introduction Document
    (including Table of Contents and Part I, Executive Summary)

  • Part 2: Introduction

  • Part 3: Community Open Space and Recreation Mission/
    The Neighborhoods:
  • Part 4: Open Space Management Mission
  • Cemeteries
    Community Gardens
    The Emerald Necklace
    Public Shade Trees

  • Part 5: Resource Protection Mission
  • Greenways, Trails & Bikeways
    Urban Wilds & Natural Areas
    Harbor Open Space

  • Part 6: Goals, Objectives & The Action Plan

  • Part 7: Appendices

  • Appendix 1: Environmental Inventory and Analysis
    (Text only)

    Bedrock Geology
    Surficial Geology
    General Soils
    Scenic Landscapes

    Water Resources
    Environmental Resources & Threats

    Historical Places and Districts
    Areas of Critical Environmental Concern

    Flood Zone

    Appendix 2: Open Space Inventory (Text only)

    City of Boston Open Space
    Aggregated Zoning of Open Space

    Lands under Chapter 61A,
    Schoolyard Initiative

    Appendix 3: Community Setting
    Appendix 4 & 5:
    Official Letters of Comment
    Inside Back Cover
    Back Cover

    Appendix 6: Open Space Opinion Survey (Text only)
    Tables & Charts


    Below are links that go directly to the neighborhood and city-wide maps mentioned in the Open Space Plan document. This is provided in one location for ease of access; all maps are also located in each appropriate chapter or section.
    The maps are configured for best display printed in color on 11"x17" paper.

    Neighborhood Open Space Maps

    Click on each title in the list below for direct access to the chosen map among the fifteen neighborhood open space maps.

    City of Boston, Open Space

    City-Wide Maps

    Click on each title in the list below for direct access to the chosen map among the twenty city-wide open space and environmental resources maps:

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