City of Boston
Parks & Recreation
Open Space Plan 2008-2014

Section 0: Pre-Introduction Documents
Section 1: Executive Summary
Section 2: Introduction
Section 3: Community Setting
MAP: BRA Planning Districts
Section 4: Environmental Inventory & Analysis
MAPS: Bedrock Geology
Surficial Geology
General Soils
Scenic Landscapes
Water Resources
Historic Places
Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (ACECs)
Environmental Resources & Challenges
Flood Zones
Section 5: Inventory of Lands of Conservation & Recreation Interest (Open Space Inventory)
MAPS: Open Space by Ownership
Aggregate Zoning
Open Space by Type
Lands under Chapter 61A
Boston Schoolyard Playlots
TABLES: Legend for Open Space Inventory Lists
Protected Open Space Inventory
Land Trust Open Space Inventory
Private Unprotected Open Space Inventory
Public Unprotected Open Space Inventory
Section 6: Community Vision
MAP: BRA Planning Districts


DOCUMENTS: Open Space Plan Update Survey Questionnaire (English)
Open Space Plan Update Survey Questionnaire (Spanish)
Section 7: Analysis of Needs
Section 7.1: Resource Protection
Section 7.1.1:Greenways, Trails & Bikeways
FIGURES:GTB-1A Corridors
GTB-1B Urban Vs. Non-Urban
GTB-1C Separating Users
TABLE:GTB-1 Linear Facilities Database
MAP: Linear Facilities
Section 7.1.2:Harbor Open Space
MAP:Harbor Open Space
Section 7.1.3:Urban Wilds & Natural Areas
MAP:Urban Wilds and Natural Areas
Section 7.2: Community Open Space and Recreation
Neighborhood Open Space TEXT
Click on each title in the list below for direct access to the chosen text among the fifteen neighborhood space chapters.

Neighborhood Open Space MAPS
Click on each title in the list below for direct access to the chosen map among the fifteen neighborhood open space maps.

Section 7.3: Open Space Systems Management
Section 7.3.1:Cemeteries
MAP:Cemeteries & Burying Grounds
Section 7.3.2:Community Gardens
MAP:Community Gardens
Section 7.3.3:Emerald Necklace
MAP:Emerald Necklace
Section 7.3.4:Public Shade Trees
MAP:Urban Tree Canopy
Section 8: Goals & Objectives
Section 9: Five-Year Action Plan
MAP: Action Plan
Section 10: Public Comment Letters
Section 11: References
City Calendar
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