Tips for Avoiding Parking Tickets in Boston

With its narrow, winding streets and big-city daytime traffic, finding a parking spot in Boston can be a challenge for visitors and residents alike. Before you park in a questionable spot and return to find a ticket, get to know a few tricks of the Boston parking trade.

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1. Always Check Parking Signs
2. Heed "No Stopping/Standing" Signs
3. Watch For Street Cleaning Regulations
4. Obey Parking Meter Rules and Regulations
5. Obey Parking Restrictions in Residential Zones
6. Do Not Park on Sidewalks
7. Do Not Block Crosswalks and Intersections
8. Take Note of "Loading Zones"
9. Keep Your Inspection Current
10. Pay Attention in Snow Emergencies
11. Be Advised: Meter Parking on Sundays and Holidays is Free
12. Bicycles Have Designated Parking Too
13. If You Do Get a Ticket, Pay It on Time