Communication with Constituents

With technology in place that helps manage our business process, we can focus entirely on delivering better, more responsive and more personal service -- a hallmark of Mayor Menino’s administration.

  • Constituent Relationship Management (CRM): CRM allows requestors can check the status of requests and be notified upon completion.
    Track Service Request
  • Customer Satisfaction: Mayor Menino charged his cabinet members and department heads with the task of reaching out to constituents who contacted City Hall to ensure they were satisfied with their service. The highest ranking staff spent time calling constituents who had reported issues (through the call center, iPhone app and website) and asked them about their experience with the process. This was the first time the city was able to coordinate an effort like this and it was made possible by CRM/WOM data.
    Boston Globe: City Wants to Ring In a New Era of Satisfaction


Residents currently do business with the City in person, via mail, by phone, and on the web portal. We’re investing in channels that allow citizens to engage on their own terms – anywhere, anytime. In building support for these newer channels, we hope to eventually reduce the need for some of the costlier support channels.

  • Citizens Connect Mobile App: Our iPhone app enables users to report issues directly from their phones. More potholes and graffiti reported through the app than any other channel.
    Citizens Connect Mobile App

  • Street Bump Mobile App: Helps identify potholes by recording "bump" data, providing the City with real-time information to help improve roads.
    Street Bump iPhone App 

  • Mobile Website: is optimized for 5000+ mobile devices, providing mobile users quick and easy access to the information they want most.

  • Social Media: Our Social Media Center helps constituents to connect with the City on social networking sites. 
    Social Media Center

Public Participation GIS Maps

Using ArcGIS tools, we're now allowiing constituents to interact directly with us by creating their own maps with our GIS data.
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