Notice to Dorchester Drivers: Fox Street to Become a One-Way
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For Immediate Release
August 16, 2013
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Tracey Ganiatsos

            At the request of neighborhood residents working with the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services and the group New England United for Justice, the Boston Transportation Department will soon be turning Fox Street in Dorchester into a one-way.  Local drivers are cautioned to watch for the installation of new traffic and parking regulatory signs during the week beginning Monday, August 26 and to obey them accordingly to ensure public safety in the neighborhood.


            “It was a pleasure to have had the opportunity to collaborate on this important traffic safety project with community representatives, as well as with Flavio Daveiga from the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services,” said Boston Transportation Department Commissioner Thomas J. Tinlin.  “Residents expressed their concerns to us and suggested a solution that was quickly agreed upon by all.  I expect that the new traffic pattern will significantly improve public safety in the neighborhood.”


            In June, BTD received a petition signed by more than 80 local residents asking that Fox Street be made a one-way.  The reasons cited in the petition for this change were as follows.

a)      “Fox Street is one of the more narrow and congested streets in the area.  Two cars cannot pass at any point and often cars need to back out onto adjacent streets, including Adams Street, to allow cars going in the other direction to proceed.

b)      Because houses are packed relatively close on Fox Street and there are few driveways, cars are parked tightly on both sides.  This reduces visibility of drivers to see pedestrians and children crossing between cars.

c)      Drivers coming from Mt. Ida often speed down Fox Street and the adjacent Juliette Street using them, not for access, but merely as an unnecessary shortcut to Adams Street.”


            As a result of the petition and follow-up discussions, Fox Street will be made a one-way with traffic heading in the direction from Adams Street toward Mt. Ida Road.  New traffic regulatory signs will be posted at the intersections of Adams Street, Juliette Street, Percival Street and Mt. Ida Road.  In addition, “No Stopping – Emergency Vehicle Access” parking regulatory signs will be repositioned on Fox Street and drivers are urged to pay close attention to these changes as well.


       Questions or comments with regard to this project should be directed to




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