One Fund Boston Administrator Ken Feinberg Distributes Nearly $61 Million among 232 Eligible Claimants
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For Immediate Release
July 01, 2013
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Mayor's Office
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The One Fund Boston, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit established by Mayor Menino and Governor Patrick, today announced Administrator Kenneth Feinberg has begun the process of distributing $60,952,000 to all 232 eligible claimants. Those payments will be issued beginning June 30 and represent 100% of all the money collected by the One Fund through June 26. 

“No amount of money can replace what has been lost,” Feinberg said. “It was a solemn responsibility to allocate these finite contributions across tremendous pain and suffering, but it was made lighter by the unprecedented generosity of Bostonians, of Americans, and of people around the world.”

Feinberg’s team completed a thorough review of all submitted claims and supporting documentation and determined allocation of payments in accordance with the Fund’s Final Protocol, dated May 15, 2013. Payments will be made to claimants in each of the four classifications of claims (Categories A through D), as outlined in the Final Protocol.

  • A total of 6 eligible claimants in Category A will each receive $2,195,000. This category includes loss of life and those who sustained double amputations of limbs or permanent brain damage as a result of the Marathon tragedy.


  • A total of 14 eligible claimants in Category B will each receive $1,195,000. This category includes those who sustained amputation of a limb as a result of the Marathon tragedy.


  • A total of 69 eligible claimants in Category C will each receive between $125,000 and $948,300, as detailed in the bulleted list below. This category include those who were physically injured and hospitalized for one or more nights since April 15, 2013 due to physical injuries resulting from the Marathon tragedy. They will receive payments determined by length of hospital stay:
    • $948,300 for 32 or more overnights
    • $735,000 for 24-31 overnights
    • $580,000 for 16-23 overnights
    • $480,000 for 8-15 overnights
    • $275,000 for 3-7 overnights
    • $125,000 for 1-2 overnights


  • A total of 143 eligible claimants in Category D will each receive $8,000. This category includes those who were physically injured as a result of the Marathon tragedy who were treated on an emergency outpatient basis at one of the Boston area hospitals and released without an overnight hospital stay.


In consultation with survivors, families and the community, the One Fund will use donations received after June 26 to continue to support the survivors and victims’ families who have been most affected by this tragedy. No deadline has been established for donations.

Feinberg conducted two public meetings on May 6 and May 7 to explain the contents of the draft Protocol and the claim submission process and to invite claimant and public input. Information collected from these group meetings and various communications and correspondence between the claimants and other interested parties and Feinberg was considered in finalizing the Final Protocol. The Final Protocol and claim forms were disseminated to all known and registered victims and made available at to any interested parties beginning on May 15. The deadline for claim form submissions was June 15 and Feinberg worked directly with claimants, as requested, to ensure all claims were submitted by the June 15 deadline. Feinberg conducted individual, in-person meetings with all claimants who requested one. The Fund received a total of 259 claim applications by the established deadline.


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